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Developed by the Intel Corporation, HDCP stands for high-bandwidth digital content protection. As the descriptive name implies, HDCP is all about protecting the integrity of various audio and video content as it travels over a multiplicity of different types of interfaces. Such data interfaces as GVIF, DVI, and HDMI will...
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Selle kümnendi tugevaim kinnisvarasektor on miski, mida me varem nimetasime logistikaks

Ainult natuke rohkem, kui kümme aastat tagasi, tekkis ühel hakkajal noorel inimesel mõte hakata müüma moeaksessuaare. Sõber soovitas proovida ja talle antigi võimalus teha esinduspood tuntud kaubamärgile. Lepingus, mida aitas lugeda sõbrast jurist, oli palju peenikest teksti ja nõudmisi, mis tundusid päris keerulised. Näiteks kaubaartiklite kogus mudeli kohta oli minimaalselt...
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More about RESTATE!

Our first goal at RESTATE is to appreciate Your ASSETS! Investment management and real estate services need thorough knowledge and experience on the market. Our  professionals have regular training and KPI measuring system to meet changing client needs and market conditions of most dynamically growing countries in EU – the Baltic...
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