Dmitry: by kayak from Tallinn to Helsinki

I will cut the story short – I have never been engaged in kayaking, rafting and generally cannot call myself an athlete by any means. When I was a kid, me and my parents were participating in rafting on rivers but as a family activity, which cannot be called professional training. It sounds strange because I’m going to cross the Gulf of Finland, the distance of which is about 100 km. We will have to sail from Tallinn for about 12 hours (at a decent pace) across the open sea to the coast of Finland. How did I come to this and what prompted me to sign-up for something that ridiculous?

As I was pouring myself another cup of Morning coffee on a classic Monday morning, my mentor, Risto, came up to me… “Dima!” he said – “Tell me, have you chosen a goal for the year?” (And every employee of our company was required to choose some kind of “Challenge” for the whole year). As a usual excuse – “Too deep down in my own stuff”, obviously I did not do this. So I answered him that I have not yet had the time. “So you should join me, with my challenge! Dima, let’s shake on this! ” – Risto offers me this and holds out his hand to me with such passion that it stimulates better than a morning coffee (which was very typical for Risto). Not knowing what I am getting myself into, I agree. Of course, I tried to find out what he was up to, before shaking his hand. But he refused to tip his hands to me. You know, I felt like Jim Carey’s character from “Yes Man”. On the one hand, I did not want to seem like a bore, and on the other hand, felt the smell of an adventure which I will definitely remember for a lifetime!

I’ve already started training on the river and in the gym, so we’ll see what comes of it.

Oscari, Risto ja Dmitry väljakutset toetab Seikluspartner , kellel on pikaaegne kogemus professionaalse aerutamisspordiga ning kes toetab Restate sõudjaid nii treeningute kui varustusega.