Viigimetsa Homes to bring new terraced housing to Kohila

The experienced property development company Restate is bringing Viigimetsa Homes to Kohila, providing 20 families with new places to live.

Restate CEO Risto Abel says Kohila is a rapidly developing residential area with excellent prospects. “150 people are moving into Kohila every year,” he said. “It’s reflective of the fact that young families want to live in places close to big cities that have good public transport links, a shop, a school and kindergarten, and where you can exercise and do sports. If it has a river running through it and somewhere to swim, even better! The population of the area around the capital, including Kohila municipality, is already growing, and that’s set to continue. With the centre of Tallinn just a 30-minute drive away, it means you’re close to nature and enjoy the privacy you want but aren’t too far from the city.”

Viigimetsa Homes will offer up to 20 families an alternative to city living. “We’ve focussed on building high-quality, energy-efficient townhouses that make the most of smart solutions,” Abel explained. “We worked with the architects to ensure that everything’s as smart as it can possibly be, inside and out. It’s important that there are shared recreation spaces around the homes, including playgrounds for the kids, and that cars avoid them when parking and driving. Our entire approach has been about quality and energy efficiency. Since energy prices are likely to keep rising, the new homes need to be as efficient as possible and each one of them has to be able to be managed autonomously.”

Restate focusses on smart, modern developments. “Buying a home is a long-term investment, why is why we want to offer a solution that’s not just of its time, but slightly ahead of it,” Abel said. “The way I see it, young families and new, high-quality real estate are the key to the area’s development. At the moment, 90% of the homes in the area were built at least 30 years ago, but new times mean new requirements.”

Herkki Olo, a development adviser to Kohila Municipal Government, says the Viigimetsa Homes are keenly awaited. “There’s been huge interest in new homes for years now, but sadly very few of them have actually been built,” he remarked. “Every new residential development that’s well planned and well made and takes the needs of residents and the living environment into account is hotly anticipated. Kohila municipality’s long-term aim is for its population to grow. It’s been doing that for quite a few years already, and in cooperation with property developers we’re hoping it will continue. We’ve met with the Restate team a few times now, and they’ll be working with our construction specialists right the way through to the development’s completion.”

According to the current schedule, sales of the Viigimetsa Homes will begin in July. Restate is an experienced real estate development company whose portfolio includes more than 270,000 m² of property.

Risto Abel
Managing Director
+372 551 4990