More about RESTATE!

RESTATE is Your Investment management and real estate services partner in Baltic states. Restate Property Advisors, formely known as UMPA, has been brought to life to use our long experience for creating value and appreciation of Your ASSETS, TIME and PRIVACY.

Our first goal at RESTATE is to appreciate Your ASSETS!

Investment management and real estate services need thorough knowledge and experience on the market. Our  professionals have regular training and KPI measuring system to meet changing client needs and market conditions of most dynamically growing countries in EU – the Baltic States. We know a lot about Real Estate and in our cooperation we are seeking for opportunities to appreciate the value of Your Property.

Our second goal at RESTATE is to value Your TIME!

In modern fast changing economic environment it is crucial to ensure you’re your investments are protected and necessary decisions made in due time. Our consultancy is targeted to plan ahead and give You valuable time for Your main activities, that often can be something totally different from real estate business.

We help You save time, thereby presenting You valuable minutes for Your main business or perhaps time with family and friends.

Our third goal is to value Your PRIVACY!

It often happens, that in order to protect Your business information, the investments and related transactions demand confidentiality. We have long time experience in working on- and off market under different confidentiality clauses. Our track-record includes projects that need thorough analysis and often can not be presented in public databases. With RESTATE Your information stays safe and gets handed over only on the bases of our NDA’s.

Thank You for choosing RESTATE!