Energy-efficient solutions at Ringtee Business Park

Ringtee Business Park is a new logistics and industrial complex in Kiili municipality in Harju County. Covering 25 hectares in a very favourable location, the complex will be home to a variety of ambitious companies that value modern architecture, contemporary solutions and convenient logistics.

The stock office concept
In addition to free-standing logistics and industrial buildings, Ringtee Business Park will feature a functional stock office building. Such buildings are known for their convenient three-in-one solution, enabling companies to house their warehouse, office and commercial space under one roof. This solution removes logistics-related problems, streamlines company operations and saves not only time but also labour and logistics costs.

The stock office, which is already under construction, will sit at the front of the complex, right next to the Tallinn Ring Road after which the park is named. This prime position will ensure its visibility, since as many as 21,000 vehicles will pass by the business park on a daily basis. The building will comprise 10 functional commercial spaces, and since every company has its own specific requirements, each of the spaces will be tailored to the needs of the client to ensure that they are as effective as possible.

Energy efficiency as a growing trend
The unsettled times in the energy sector are forcing company managers to look to more energy-efficient solutions, in some cases swapping out their old commercial space for a new one in order to save money. Restate and Eventus Ehitus, the developers of the Ringtee Business Park, have always set a lot of store by energy efficiency and innovative technical systems and have followed those same principles in the stock office being developed for the site.

The building has an ‘A’ energy label, with solar panels to be installed on its roof, and each company will be able to adjust both ventilation and heating on its premises. Once completed, the building will also have a BREEAM-certified energy rating. BREEAM is one of the most influential methods of sustainability assessment, providing an independent evaluation of a building’s quality, conducted by the Building Research Establishment. It was the world’s first green label based on wide-ranging assessment criteria and enables a building’s energy efficiency and environmental and user-friendliness to be comprehensively evaluated throughout its life cycle.

Today, the difference in energy efficiency between one building and the next can be so great that it is more cost-effective for companies to rent space at a higher price per square metre in a new, energy class A building than to do so at a lower price in an energy class B or C building. The auxiliary costs in a commercial building with modern technical systems are markedly lower than in older buildings, for which reason companies can optimise their expenditure by moving into new premises and making the most of the benefits it provides.

Of course, savings on energy costs are not the only advantage a new building offers: from the point of view of the person running the business, a space solution that meets their needs, ensures the best possible internal climate and simplifies their everyday work is just as important. As is the case with any new building, the stock office comes with a construction warranty. It will also enjoy problem-free parking, which unfortunately is no longer something that all business complexes offer as standard.

Rapidly developing surroundings
In addition to the Tallinn Ring Road, the areas around it have developed very rapidly in recent years, including neighbouring residential areas and the infrastructure accompanying them, which are growing at a fast pace. Both Rae and Kiili municipalities have contributed to creating a cosy environment for residents that supports local development with the aim of ensuring that both living and working in the area are enjoyable. A range of personal development and recreational opportunities have been established in the area, drawing in working-age people – around 20,000 of whom already call it home. For logistics and commercial companies, proximity to these growing residential areas will ensure that both workers and consumers are close at hand.

The rapidly developing area around the Tallinn Ring Road is also highly valued among companies, a number of well-known local and international examples of which are already operating here. They include the Hansaplant garden centre, Balbiino, Swecon, Uponor, Kiili Betoon and the Rimi and Maxima logistics centres. Estonia’s first, long-awaited IKEA store will soon be opening its doors not far from the Ringtee Business Park as well.

If your company needs new premises and the Ringtee Business Park sounds like it offers everything you need, get in touch with the consultants at Restate. More information about the stock office building being constructed in the park can be found online at

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