Real estate
is our passion!

We are passionate about creating modern, innovative buildings and fully integrated business environments. We are pioneers in the field of real estate, offering our clients tailor-made, forward-looking, all-in-one solutions. We respect the natural world we live in and place high value on modern architecture, energy efficiency and functionality.

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Set us a challenge!

As a company we are constantly evolving. We eschew basic objectives that are easy to achieve. As people and as a collective we prefer new challenges, because they force us to try harder and to produce better results. We are always open to new challenges!


Starting from 2009, Restate has developed more than 60,000 m2 of retail, office, warehouse and residential space. Thanks to our experience and the strength of our team, we can offer our clients the best and most modern solutions. We currently have almost 38,000 m2 of commercial and residential property under development, with almost the same amount again in the planning stages.

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Our services



Our development team are renowned for bringing some truly amazing – and very successful – projects to life. The way we go about our work always shows the greatest respect for the natural environment, and our emphasis is always on architecture and sustainability. The best possible result is always our number-one aim, not just to offer a simple service.


Advice and

We have years of experience to rely on in offering real estate advice, organising the sale and rent of real estate and in providing intermediation services. Excellent relationships with our partners, the professionalism of our team and the honest but resolute approach we take to our work have been the keys to ensuring customer satisfaction and guaranteeing that our results meet expectations.


Asset management
in real estate

Quality asset management involves both the management and maintenance of properties. We offer a professional asset management service covering rent relations, customer service and management of cash flows. We assume responsibility for the upkeep of our clients’ properties, for the organisation and quality control of consumption and support services and for measuring customer satisfaction.

Property investment

We have been offering clients the opportunity to invest in the property sector for years now, the aim being to generate a decent and stable return of 10-15% per annum. Our lengthy experience and the work we do with specialists in this field guarantee the best possible outcomes and earn our clients the profits they are expecting.


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