We offer services throughout the whole life cycle of the real-estate:

Decision-making phase

We help map your needs. We lead the process of finding a location and conducting the purchase transaction. We draw up a best-use analysis and create a concept. We also help in producing a market analysis, business plan and SWOT.

Preparation phase

We map the interests of end-users and draw up a needs-based design brief. We lead the development of the preliminary project and devise a sales and marketing strategy.

Design phase

We carry out the design tender and lead the design and construction permit processes. We organise advance sale, rental offer and marketing processes. We draw up terms of reference for the construction tender.

Construction phase

We organise the construction tender and lead the implementation of the construction project. We lead sales, rental and marketing activities. We prepare and carry out the management tender.

Usage phase

We organise the transfer of the site. We lead entry into asset management and administration agreements. We see sales and rental activities through to their conclusion. We organise a cash flow management service and ensure the preservation and growth of the property’s value.

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