Restate joins forces with Titanium Baltic Real Estate investment fund

Restate is joining forces with the Titanium Baltic Real Estate investment fund to construct a new type of business premises – the Solo stock office – in a busy business district in Lasnamäe. Located at Tala 2, this combined trading, office and warehouse complex will for the first time feature balconies in its design.

Restate Sales Manager Rasmus Tali says that architecturally and in terms of the convenience and comfort it provides, the building represents a major step forward in the segment. “Everything’s been thought about to the smallest detail, and every aspect meets the highest BREEAM construction standards,” he said. “Since competition between a lot of companies these days is so fierce, including just to recruit the people they need, then the working conditions they offer their staff and employee well-being are becoming more important all the time. New-style business premises are bringing added value to the people who work in them and to the urban space they inhabit.”

The project marks the first time Restate and Titanium have worked together. Titanium Portfolio Manager Siim Rosenthal says the area in which the building is being constructed is a rapidly growing business quarter at the intersection of Peterburi and Smuuli roads. “That will make it easy to access for larger transport vehicles and employees and visitors to the company living in and around Tallinn,” he said. “Those are the very reasons we see such development potential in the area.”

The Solo business complex will have the highest possible energy-efficiency rating and meet all BREEAM criteria, ensuring its long-term quality and low upkeep costs. It will feature around 700 m2 of commercial space and 600 m2 of office space, as well as almost 2200 m2 of warehouse space.

The complex will be situated at Tala 2 in Tallinn. It is due for completion in summer 2023. The stock office concept devised by Restate combines warehouse, office and representative space, of which there will be 3500 m2 in total in the Solo business complex.

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