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RESTATE is Your Investment management and real estate services partner in Baltic states. Restate Property Advisors, formely known as UMPA, has been brought to life to use our long experience for creating value and appreciaton of Your ASSETS, TIME and PRIVACY.
After finding a suitable plot or property, we provide You with the analysis of the site efficiency, connectivity and consult in concept development.
Early stage investment search
We assist and consult You at site selection and location analysis, providing early-stage feasibility analysis for cash-flow projects, site spotting, evaluation of the location and investment potential.
We produce an analysis of alternative uses and the best efficiency and usage profiles for Your project. This analysis helps You in business planning and usage determination. Helps to generate a thorough business plan swot analysis for the project.
Income projections and financial advisory
Would You decide to be actively involved or let the professionals handle Your project the income is something You would like to be in control of. We provide the income projections to at any stage of the project, development or cash-flow. With our partners or in-house, we can run You through the financial projections and help to develop realistic expectations to Your capital return.
In cooperation with Transaction Management, Apprisals and Evaluations, Asset and Property Management.
Project Management
Well-performed project management at planning regulation, architectural works and construction phase can save You a significant time, money and effort. Our project managers have more than two decades of experience in planning and construction. Detailed Planning can be a very long and tiresome process. Our specialists take You through that and keep time and finances in the budget.

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We hold our clients at the core of our business and commit to their specific needs. This is the only way we can deliver succesfully. We appreciate every feedback we get.

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