Tomas Salamäe: Impact of disruptions and price rises on commercial property is not entirely negative

Restate Development Project Manager Tomas Salamäe says that faced with inflation, it makes more sense to stockpile goods than it does to retain currency which is losing its value and that as such, companies should find more storage space while reducing the costs they are forced to incur.

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Restate joins forces with Titanium Baltic Real Estate investment fund

Restate is joining forces with the Titanium Baltic Real Estate investment fund to construct a new type of business premises – the Solo stock office – in a busy business district in Lasnamäe. Located at Tala 2, this combined trading, office and warehouse complex will for the first time feature balconies in its design.

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Energy-efficient solutions at Ringtee Business Park

Ringtee Business Park is a new logistics and industrial complex in Kiili municipality in Harju County. Covering 25 hectares in a very favourable location, the complex will be home to a variety of ambitious companies that value modern architecture, contemporary solutions and convenient logistics.

The stock office concept
In addition to free-standing logistics and industrial buildings, Ringtee Business Park will feature a functional stock office building. Such buildings are known for their convenient three-in-one solution, enabling companies to house their warehouse, office and commercial space under one roof. This solution removes logistics-related problems, streamlines company operations and saves not only time but also labour and logistics costs.

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The construction works of the Ringtee stock-office commercial building are nearing completion 

Ringtee Business Park is being developed by Restate and Eventus Ehitus. The areas around the Tallinn Ring Road are drawing in working-age people, and Ringtee Business Park in Kiili municipality will be a base for companies that value modern architecture, contemporary solutions and convenient logistics.

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Restate to purchase land for development 

Restate is currently taking major steps and shoring up its existing position so as to be able to markedly increase its volume of business and residential developments in the coming years. This strategy is supported not only by the wishes and future plans and needs of the business clients in the company’s portfolio, but also by the shortfall in new residential space on the market as a whole.

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Analysis reveals that the impact of the war in Ukraine is being felt on the market – and that difficult times lie ahead

With property market forecasts being reassessed in the light of the war in Ukraine, price spikes are unlikely to become the new normal, writes Restate supervisory board member Ardi Roosimaa.

The Estonian economy and property market will face enormous geopolitical and financial challenges in the coming years. The business environment we have grown accustomed to will be affected by the war in Ukraine, the energy and security crisis and the increasing number of refugees fleeing the conflict in a number of ways.

Moreover, the economy is still feeling the impact of the pandemic, the increased pressure on the medical system, broad-ranging price hikes, interruptions to supply chains, the rising cost of transport and the green transition. As the war rages on, these are the keywords that will mark out developments not just in the coming months, but over a much longer period.

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Cornerstone laid on second building in Tähesaju Twins development

The cornerstone has been laid on the second building in the Tähesaju Twins development in Lasnamäe, with the complex due to be completed in full by the end of June.

Tähesaju Twins is a multifunctional commercial and office complex. “The buildings are unique for the function they serve, offering not just office and business premises, but also warehouse space,” explained project manager Tomas Salamäe. “That means the companies operating there can bring their sales units, offices and stores together in one place, and right in the city. That will lead to savings in terms of both manpower and overheads.”

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Viigimetsa Homes to bring new terraced housing to Kohila

The experienced property development company Restate is bringing Viigimetsa Homes to Kohila, providing 20 families with new places to live.

Restate CEO Risto Abel says Kohila is a rapidly developing residential area with excellent prospects. “150 people are moving into Kohila every year,” he said. “It’s reflective of the fact that young families want to live in places close to big cities that have good public transport links, a shop, a school and kindergarten, and where you can exercise and do sports. If it has a river running through it and somewhere to swim, even better! The population of the area around the capital, including Kohila municipality, is already growing, and that’s set to continue. With the centre of Tallinn just a 30-minute drive away, it means you’re close to nature and enjoy the privacy you want but aren’t too far from the city.”

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Ardi Roosimaa: The commercial real estate market will not recover until 2023

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Rasmus Tali: the busiest year for development and growth awaits us – we are ready for this challenge!

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