Real estate consultation

Restate has years of experience in commercial real estate consultation and organisation of real estate sales and leases. Long-standing relationships with our partners, a team of experts and an honest but resolute approach to our work have been the keys to ensuring customer satisfaction and guaranteeing that our results meet expectations.


Project management

Efficient project management during the planning, architectural design and construction stages could save you quite a lot of time and money. Our experienced project managers help you in different stages of property development from the early design process to the construction period.

Best use analysis

We offer best use analysis for your land. With this, we will help you determine its potential use, through which you can increase profitability and ensure the site’s liquidity in the future. The best use analysis provides the input required for preparing a business plan and a SWOT analysis.

Cash flow planning
and financial consultancy

Regardless of whether you are actively engaged in the project or have specialists take care of it, cash flow is something you want to check. We offer cash flow projections for every stage of the process from developments to real estate that offers a rent flow. We will create a financial plan for your project that corresponds to reality and expectations.

Investment object mapping

We will help and advise you in finding a suitable location and perform an analysis of the site. We will assist you with calculating the profitability of cash flow objects, determining the potential of investments and finding a plot. Additionally, we offer plenty of private cash flow investment objects.

Buyer/seller representation
and brokerage services

We offer transaction consultations, valuation services and broker commercial real estate rental offers from the perspective of both tenants and landlords.

Property valuation
and concept creation

If you have found a suitable plot, we will help you analyse the efficiency, connectivity and use thereof, create a concept and help you make it a reality.