Real estate management

Restate helps property owners, investors and developers to navigate the world of commercial real estate. We tackle each task individually in order to find the best cost-effective solution without compromising quality. Every day, our team of experts strives to be a reliable strategic partner for our clients.

The fact that we ourselves build and develop commercial properties and deal with rental clients on a daily basis makes us one of the best real estate managers in Estonia.


Commercial real
estate management

Our high-quality property management service combines the real estate maintenance and management service for your convenience. We offer professional property management services and help you fulfil your obligations as an owner, including managing rental relationships, customer service and cash flow. We will ensure real estate maintenance, organise consumer and support services and measure quality and customer satisfaction.

With us, you can be certain that your bookkeeping is in order, your periodic budget is duly prepared, communications are arranged, documents archived and real estate construction and renovation work organised. We will help you draw up and implement business and energy efficiency plans.

Investing in
real estate

For years, we have been offering the opportunity to invest in the real estate sector in order to generate a stable return with a good yield 10%-15% per year. Relying on our own extensive experience and utilising that of specialists, we bring knowledge and resources together in order to achieve the best possible results.