Restate, Hammerhead and Lubatud-Tehtud Haldus have merged under the RESTATE brand!

We joined forces to provide a comprehensive service from development and sales to asset management. Hammerhead was the perfect partner as we had worked together productively in the past and had reached a point where we were strong contract partners for each other.

All services previously offered by the individual companies will continue to be available following the merger. We will focus on our strengths and invest in efficiency to do even more with the same resources. The merger will also increase the analytical capacity of the company so that we can deliver fast and well-informed decisions. In short: more decisions, more projects, more innovation.Projects to be soon propelled into motion include the Ringtee business park in Tallinn’s logistics hotspot, expansion of the Tänassilma Technology Park on the Pärnu Highway exit by 20 hectares of business and industrial space, the multifunctional Tähesaju Twins project in Lasnamägi and the logistically well-placed Märjamaa Treff logistics and industrial park, which is completely unique in its segment. The coronavirus has not halted any projects, and we have currently more than 300,000 m2 of commercial developments in the pipeline. Furthermore, we are about to enter the market for residential real estate.